AVK Group is a licensed customs representative with many years of experience in the field of customs clearance, with a unique business mentality and a professional team of specialists in the field of customs.

The main activity of the company is assistance in customs clearance, as well as the preparation of all permits for expedited completion of customs procedures.

AVK Group occupies a leading position in the customs services market and is the guarantor of legality and integrity, both for customs authorities and for its customers. We will always find the optimal solution for the client, relying on the most significant factors - time and money.

Due to the stable financial situation, the company will always be able to lend a helping hand to its customers and help ensure uninterrupted supply, regardless of external factors.

The strategic goal of our team is the high-quality customs clearance in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, in compliance with all terms and price criteria of the goods. The company provides timely and reliable delivery of various modes of transport to anywhere in our country.
Thanks to mutually beneficial cooperation with our company, we assume responsibility for the implementation of complex tasks, and you achieve your goals.

AVK Group is an ideal partner for you and a friend for your company.

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