Customs protection

AVK Group provides comprehensive support and protection to its customers in facing with various customs offenses arising from the circulation of goods across the customs border.

A customs offense implies a violation of customs rules through the action or inaction of an individual or legal entity, encroaching on the rules of customs regulation. This action can be completely intentional or not intentional. Such violations can entail administrative, criminal or material liability, therefore it is extremely important to contact professionals with this problem.

Our experts always monitor changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation, and pay special attention to the smallest changes in the customs code. That is why AVK Group is always up to date with the latest events. We are ready to provide you with full and timely legal support and, if necessary, protect your interests.

Turning to us for customs protection, you will receive:

  • pretrial proceedings;
  • customs defense;
  • contesting decisions on customs value adjustment;
  • appeal of decisions on adjustment of the HS code;
  • protection in a case about administrative liability .
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